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The Association for Protection of Victims of Criminal Acts, Penghu Branch

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Penghu Branch of A.P.V.C.A          

           The office also helps the business of the Association for Protection of Victims of Criminal Acts, Penghu Branch. The Association for Protection of Victims of Criminal Acts, Penghu Branch manages the protection job for the bereaved dependents of the persons that died because of criminal behaviors, or people who were seriously injured because of the same reason. The so-called serious injuries means the ability to see, hear, speak, taste, or smell, or the functions of limbs or generative organs is damaged, or other significant and incurable diseases, or injuries on body or health that are hard to heal. 
         The sequence of applying for the bereaved dependent compensation is as follows: 
(1)Parents, spouse, and children. 
(3)Grandsons and granddaughters 
(4)Brothers and sisters. 
The bereaved dependents listed in (2), (3), and (4), who apply for the compensation stipulated in Article 9, Item 1, Section 3 of the Criminal Victim Protection Law, should be limited to the ones that depend on the victims to support and maintain the life. The person who deliberately or accidentally causes the harm is not within the range of protection.
        The association also helps crime victims settle down, and arrange for a temporary home, get medical service, legal assistance, apply for the compensation, social relief, and financial aid, and assist in investigation, protection, psychological guidance, and life reconstruction. 
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