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  • Last updated:2019-05-17
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       The duty of the Penghu District Prosecutors Office is to eradicate violence, to unearth the vicious crime, to maintain national and social peace and order, and to protect civilians' safety and legal rights. A public prosecutor should abide by law and enact his role to exert his maximum capacity investigating and prosecuting criminal offenders for their infringement of national and social benefit, people's lives, freedom, and properties. 
   With the growing social prosperity, the function that the prosecutor operates is also correspondingly on the rise. The Penghu District Prosecutors Office has also upgraded the quality of all investigations. We have aggressively expanded law promotion campaigns as a reinforcement of our mission to protect the community from criminal perpetrators. We hope that through the integration of social resources, we can fight crimes by preventing crimes and reforming criminal offenders. Public cooperation is imperative in the execution of our duties to achieve a harmonious society under the rule of law.      

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