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1.  Preface
The major purposes of this office are to uncover criminal offenses, to protect human rights, and to pursue justice. Our major duties are criminal investigation, prosecution and the execution of criminal penalties. In order to make all the people who come to our office feel respected and convenient, all the personnel in the office are determined to be active and stress the importance of teamwork to provide better services.
2.  The services provided by the Office
In order to promote the quality of our services, we have carefully planned and cut short the procedure for the businesses closely linked with the populace, expecting to satisfy your demands.
A. Provide the accusation bell near the entrance of the building for people to bring oral accusations and complaints. The bailiff will lead you to the investigation room, at where the prosecutor will question you.
B. Set up service center for the people and carry out the integrated service system.
Officials who know procedures very well provide warm and quick service for you, such as litigation assistance, receiving legal documents, returning bail money and tangible items, delivering traveling expense to the witness, etc.
C. Set up special phone-lines for legal counseling or various applications. They are (06)9261171-50, (06)9270851, (06)9275400. You can ask for the following services through the phone-lines.
1.  To issue prosecution letters or non-prosecution letters.
2. To issue death certificates.
3. To issue procedure completion letters.
4. To issue executive completion certificates.
5. To return bail money and tangible items.
6. To change the address.
7. To change the date of investigation hearing.
8. To learn the present state of the case.
9. To learn the date and time of the hearing.
10. To learn the results of applications.
11. To apply for transfer of the case.
12. To apply for determining the imprisonment period.
13. To start early or delay the serving in prison.
14. To apply for serving the penalty in another office.
15. To take off the limitation of domicile. 
16. To change the date for probation.
D. Judicial volunteers
     The team consists of retired officials, teachers, and social workers. There are 11 of them. The warm volunteers set service station at the waiting room. There are two volunteers each day to help you to find the place you need to get to.
E. Questions about the accepted cases
     The informer, plaintiff and defendant can question the course of cases. The officer of service center will answer your questions quickly unless it violates the investigation secrecy principle.
F. Humanistic interrogation waiting room and soft resting area
    For your convenience, the waiting room has desks, cold water, boiled water, paper cups. We also provide newspapers and magazines for you to use. We try our best to make you feel comfortable. The center garden is open as rest area to moderate the serious ambiance of the judicial office. We hope you will feel serene, calm and comfortable at the garden.
G. Open for pubic opinions. (E-mail) phcmail@mail.moj.gov.tw.
     You can use it for applications, proposals and suggestions. We have a particular staff member to check the e-mails everyday.
H. Improve the prosecutor’s attitude when they handle cases.
     The prosecutors usually start their hearing on time. They investigate cases and examine evidence carefully with kind and pleasant attitude. The people in the investigation room have enough time to talk. We hope to make the people in our office feel respected.
I. Questionnaire
    You can get a questionnaire when you check in at the bailiff office. We hope to know your opinions about the prosecutor’s attitude in the investigation room and our service for people. In addition to that, you can write down your opinions and put it into the opinion box in front of the service center or the bailiff office. We study and analyze your opinions regularly for our improvement.
3. Our expectation
        Many people praise our hard work. However, we still need to improve and enhance our service quality. We thank you for your cooperation and hope to carry out our belief—justice for people.


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