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Taiwan After-Care Association-Penghu Branch

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            Besides conducting the investigation of criminal cases and executing the penalties, the office also manages the business of Taiwan After-Care Association—Penghu Branch.
        The after-care business is to combine social resources with the spirit of kindheartedness, and to assist and guide the persons that broke the law and are discharged from prison to stand on their own feet and adapt to the social life, so as to prevent them from committing other crimes.
        The evolvement of the modern criminal ideological trend and criminal policies has moved from the traditional retribution principle toward the special prevention principle. The objective of the penalties have turned from negative imprisonment to positive enlightenment, expecting the prisoners will mend their ways and try to improve themselves. The purpose of After-Care Association is to rectify the behavioral deviation of the punished, and to enable them to return to the society. 
        According to Article 2 of the After-Care Law, the persons that should be protected are mainly the ones that the punishments expire, with conditional release, and leave the jail, or released on bail for medical treatment. We adopt the method of free protection. The persons being protected apply for the service at their own will, and the branch will guide and assist them in accordance with the individual conditions and needs. 
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