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Appointment and Qualification of Prosecutors

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  • Last updated:2019-05-17
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       It is often said that good, dedicated people can make almost any system work and that, conversely, the absence of good people will prevent the best system from performing properly. Effective enforcement of prosecutorial duties requires an institution with the capacity to attract qualified people to dedicate themselves to it. In Taiwan, as in France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea and many other civil law countries, the qualifications of a prosecutor are identical to those of a judge, and his salary is the same as that of a judge who works for the government for the same period of time. Both judges and prosecutors are considered part of the judiciary in Taiwan. A mechanism for automatic wage increases keeps prosecutors and judges at the top of the pay scale for public employees.
        Becoming a prosecutor in Taiwan is significantly different than in the United States. In Taiwan, as in Europe and Japan, the law faculty is one of the coordinate university elements at which students matriculate directly after their secondary school education. Law students have to complete a bachelor's level degree in law before taking the nationwide Judiciary Examination or Lawyer Examination. Usually, only around three or four percent of the several thousands who take the Judiciary Examination pass it every year. Admission to the Institute for Judiciary Training therefore is as difficult as getting into the most selective law schools in the United States.
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